Wook originated with a collaboration with Ed Talavera and his cinematography class on a project called “Screamisodes.” We used QR codes to create a video based scavenger hunt.

A story is composed of branches. Each branch has an introductory video and a set of action videos. With Screamisodes, the students hid QR codes throughout the Coral Gables campus. A branch contained 3 separate actions, with only one that would give a visual clue of where to find the next QR code. If a player successfully navigated through the entire set of QR codes, they would end up at the last location where the producers were waiting with a prize.

The end result was received quite positively and some of the students expressed interest in using the software for their own projects. At that point, I decided to modify the software to create a platform that would allow multiple projects per user. The name “Wook” as a combination of the words “Walk” and “Look” was suggested and it stuck. Outside of the traditional entry point of a QR code, the main site also randomizes a selection of various branches for users to stumble onto a story.