SCAN 360

SCAN 360 is a set of interactive maps and charts that illustrate incidence and mortality of many cancers in the state of Florida. The core dataset for SCAN 360 is aggregated numbers and statistics from the Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS) for most cancer sites. The cancer data is supplemented by a variety of external data sources including the American Community Survey, the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Healthy Communities database. Additionally, we’re working with a number of people at the University of Miami to incorporate Sylvester and UHealth specific data such as community outreach events, ongoing research, community partners, resources, and patient statistics. By collecting all of this data, users of SCAN 360 are able to¬†visually explore local cancer patterns alongside the locations of community intervention activities, health promotion campaigns, and other outreach activities implemented by the University of Miami. The site also allows users to explore cancer data stratified by demographic criteria such as race, ethnicity, sex and age, and other social determinants of health such as educational attainment and poverty levels. All of these things can be seen at the state, county, and in some cases zipcode level.